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Bahrain is an island country located in Western Asia and close to the Persian Gulf. With a modern infrastructure system as well as many famous tourist attractions. Therefore, in recent years, many tourists have come here to visit and experience new things here. Let Vietsense travel share some Bahrain travel experiences, before setting foot in Bahrain.

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Bahrain’s full Arabic name is the Kingdom of Bahrain. Is an Arab monarchy located in Western Asia, next to the Persian Gulf. Bahrain has an area of ​​over 700 km², with approximately 1.2 million inhabitants according to 2010 statistics.

Kingdom of Bahrain

Bahrain has a desert climate, which is relatively hot and divided into two distinct seasons. Summer starts from April to October and winter from November to March next year. The currency used in Bahrain is the Bahraini Dinar (BHD). Bahrain uses many different communication languages ​​such as Arabic and English. It has many famous places and works with modern architecture which attracts a large number of tourists every year.

– Prepare the original passport with a validity of more than 06 months (there are at least 2 blank pages, if there are no blank pages, ask for a replacement passport).

– Bahrain invitation letter for tourism (original).

– Map, itineraries to move on the territory of Bahrain.

– Provide information on air tickets, accommodation booking.

Visitors can register online. However, this only applies to international visas. The steps to apply for a visa are easy, visitors don’t have to worry too much.

Currently, Vietnam has only two routes between Tan Son Nhat International Airport and Noi Bai International Airport to Central Asia. So we can learn and choose some famous airlines to Central Asian countries such as: Qatar Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, Turkish Airlines. There are also many other airlines to choose from. However, we want to have a safe flight and save other costs, we have to book the plane tickets two months in advance to have the cheapest price in the market.

The question that always interests tourists is when, what season to travel to Bahrain is the most beautiful and convenient. According to Vietsense travel experience, the period from November to February next year is the right time for a trip to Bahrain.

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The best time to travel to Bahrain

This is the period when the cool climate is very suitable for a trip to Bahrain to explore this land, but in January the temperature drops to cold. You should not travel from April to August, as the weather is quite hot and dry. If we had planned, we could still come here.

Attractive tourist activities in Bahrain

Visit the Bahrain World Trade Center

The Bahrain World Trade Center is the second tallest building in the island nation of Bahrain. This is considered the most impressive and beautiful architecture in the United Arab Emirates. The attraction of tourists coming here to visit is the suspension bridge connecting the two towers of the building, which is installed with three wind turbines to generate electricity. This place doesn’t just have the image of a big ship with two big sails to store the wind so the turbines can move to generate clean electricity.

Explore the Oil Museum

While traveling in Bahrain, we cannot miss the place at petroleum museum, here we learn the process of oil extraction and the process of oil refining. The Petroleum Museum is located next to the first oil field in the Middle East, which is currently under development. The Petroleum Museum features images of early mining operations, as well as tools, equipment and models of oil rigs.

Arad Fortress Tour

Arad Fort was built in 1800 from the 15th century, located on the island of Muharraq. As one of the fortresses over time associated with historical periods of Bahrain and has a strategically important military position. Coming here, visitors can admire the objects related to the history of war, the models recreating the fierce war at that time. Moreover, we can also see very attractive art exhibitions in Arad Fort every Thursday and Friday.

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Bahrain Fort Tour

Bahrain Fort has a unique architecture associated with ancient civilizations. This place also preserves many vestiges of soldiers who participated in the war, and also preserves many vestiges of fortresses. Bahrain Fort was built on a high mound hundreds of years ago by the locals. In the 1500s when the Portuguese occupied Bahrain and chose the fort as their base point. Because it was built by local people, part of the fortress has the traditional cultural architecture of temples in Bahrain.

Explore the Grand Mosque

While exploring the Grand Mosque, one must be overwhelmed by its unique architecture with curved domes designed in fiberglass. With ancient and extremely delicate architecture, it creates unique beauty both inside and outside the church.

The Al Fateh Islamic Center, also known as the Grand Mosque, is considered the largest church on the island of Bahrain as it can accommodate over 7,000 worshippers. During the visit, visitors should be careful to dress neatly and discreetly and ask to take off their shoes before entering the church, showing respect for the gods and according to the traditions of yesterday and today. of Islam.

Moreover, we can explore other famous places such as: A’Ali village, Riffa fort, Madinat Hamad city, Hawar island…

Coming to Bahrain, visitors can taste many famous delicious dishes. Above all, not only the food tastes like Bahrain, but we also enjoy the food with many different flavors from some countries such as: China, Thailand, Pakistan, India… Some famous dishes must be missed such as: Woozi Dish, Mach Patron Dish, Fish Dish, Hamoor Meat Dish, Halwa Dessert and Traditional Bahraini Drink Gahwa.

In addition, visitors to Bahrain can choose famous shopping malls such as: World Trade Center Bahrain, The Avenues Center, Moda Mall, Seef District, Gold City, Seef Mall… Costumes, meaningful gifts as gifts for sentient beings Dear.

Dinner in Bahrain

Above are some travel experiences in Bahrain that Al Kaabi would like to share with us, hope the above experiences will help us have a safe, fun and economical trip and have a great family time. Contact us quickly to schedule a visit to Bahrain!