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Jordan is a country in Western Asia and is located in the Middle East. This place is famous for its long history. From the 13th century BC, Semitic-speaking peoples migrated to this land, later establishing the kingdoms recorded in the Bible such as Gileed, Edom, Moab, Bashan and Amomon. If you are looking for a new and unique tourist destination, Jordan is a perfect suggestion for travelers. Traveling to Jordan, where to go, what to eat? You will have the answer in the article below.

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Jordan is famous for the sanctuary of Petra – known as the most precious gem and also a tourist attraction in the world. This place is distinguished by the bright red color of the temples and tombs carved from giant blocks of sandstone. Therefore, the space here always contains interesting mysteries waiting for visitors to discover them.

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Besides, Jordan is also known as the land of heritage buildings. Although it is only a small country, it retains many historical and cultural values ​​of mankind. So far, this country has a total of 8 world heritage recognized by UNESCO and also ranks first among the countries with many historical and cultural values ​​in the world.

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While traveling in Jordan, visitors will be impressed by the unique natural landscape. Therefore, this place becomes an ideal destination for tourists who love to explore the natural world. With more than 80% of the territory covered by the desert, visitors coming here will have the opportunity to participate in unique tourist activities only available in the desert such as camel ride, jeep ride on the sand dunes or overnight camping in the deserts. ,…all promise to bring visitors new, wonderful and memorable experiences. In particular, while traveling to Jordan, you also have the option of visiting the moonlit valley of Wadi Rum to rest in bubble tents and watch the galaxy or fly a hot air balloon at dawn.

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Most of Jordan’s land area is a large desert, so it also has nature reserves, mangrove forests, … containing many mysteries to be discovered. Moreover, this country also has about 70 km bordering the Dead Sea, so if you want to experience a new sensation or try the feeling of floating on the rolling waves of the saltiest lake in the world, do not hesitate. without traveling to Jordan yet!

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Jordan is divided into 4 distinct seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Depending on the time, there will be distinct attractions to attract tourists to visit this place. In particular, spring and autumn are the ideal times to start your journey to discover Jordan, because at this time the weather is quite cool and pleasant, suitable for outdoor exploration activities.

What is the best month to travel to Jordan?

Summer is also the time when Jordan has a high temperature which is uncomfortable and affects a lot of fun activities and discoveries of visitors. Winter has cold weather and sometimes snow in the high mountains, but it is also the time when you can start your travel itinerary in Jordan.

Currently, to travel to Jordan or any other country outside of Vietnam, the first thing you need to prepare is a visa. However, there is no Jordanian Embassy in Vietnam, so visitors wishing to apply for a visa must apply online or through the Jordanian Embassy in China.

Apply for a tourist visa for Jordan

Therefore, you will need to take the time to send all your documents and files to the Jordanian Embassy and wait for the results of the visa interview.

The Holy Land of Petra

The Petra Sanctuary is known as the pearl of Jordan and is also one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This place was originally the ancient Nabataean capital with a history of more than 2000 years, but it was not known and excavated until 1812. Inside the sanctuary there are other famous works such as that: The royal tomb comprising 4 public buildings. is Corinthian, Urn Tomb, Palace Tomb and Silk carved into the rock at the foot of the mountain. The ancient Roman theater is known as an impressive and attractive monument for tourists with many interesting and mysterious stories. Palace of Treasures – is one of the impressive works appearing in many Hollywood blockbusters.

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Wadi Rum Valley by Moonlight

Wadi Rum Moonlit Valley is located in the Wadi Rum desert with the largest area in Jordan. This place is famous for the name moonlight valley because there are huge red sandstone mountains in series with strange shapes, and the layer of sand covered below also has a slight pink light, so under the scene changing moonlight, this place becomes shimmering, mysterious like space on a journey to Mars.

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The capital Amman

In reference to the tourist icon of Jordan, it is impossible not to mention the capital Amman. It is also the economic, political and cultural center of this country. The capital is the city most influenced by the West, and for this reason it is also the most free place in the world.

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The impressive point of the capital is the beauty of three great architectural works: the Byzantine Church, the Temple of Hercules, the Umayyad Palace now also known as Al-Qaser.

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Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo rises to around 800 meters and is an important religious site in Jordan. According to legend, this land is where the prophet Moses was led by God to the promised land and also where Moses was buried. Besides, this famous mountain is also the place where many popes have visited. Visitors standing on top of the mountain can see the Dead Sea, the Jordan Valley and many other famous places around it.

Jordan not only attracts visitors with unique tourist destinations, but also attracts visitors with its unique traditional food culture. Some dishes you absolutely must enjoy when coming here are: Mansaf – lamb cooked in fermented dry yogurt sauce served with rice or soft bread.

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Falafel – a popular appetizer in Jordan is made with chickpeas, sesame, garlic and olive oil, then fried. Moutabel – is a smoked eggplant dish served with a yogurt-based sauce with tahini, giving visitors a delicious new taste.

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Tourism in Jordan is indeed an attractive and interesting destination for tourists. What are you waiting for, if you don’t organize a travel itinerary right away. VietSense Travel wishes visitors a comprehensive and memorable trip.