Top 10 must-see tourist destinations in Iraq

Although heavily damaged by wars, Iraq has many potential tourist destinations. Not only the long-standing heritage, Iraq is an attractive place with beautiful natural images and the beauty of human culture. Let Vietsense travel suggest us some Iraqi tourist destinations not to be missed in the journey to discover the Middle East.

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Brief on Iraq

Iraq, whose full name is the Republic of Iraq, is a country located in the Middle East. Iraq is bordered by Turkey to the north, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to the south, Syria to the northwest, Jordan to the west, and Iran to the east. The capital of Iran is Baghdad, where the country’s machinery and trading centers are concentrated. The predominantly Muslim Republic of Iraq includes Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish groups.

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The country of Iraq is located in human civilization millions of years ago, with ancient wonders built since the time of Babylon. Iraq has a desert climate with cold temperate winters and hot, dry summers with almost no rain. In winter in the northern mountainous region it still snows, some places are still flooded.

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Despite the many stages of the war, there are many famous tourist attractions in Iraq that attract a large number of tourists to visit and explore with the cradles of human civilization.

Top 10 Most Beautiful and Famous Tourist Destinations in Iraq

  • Baghdad City
  • Mentioning the city of Baghdad, people immediately think of the place which has suffered continuous bombing and attacks by many different groups of soldiers. If we want to enter the green zone of the city, we must obtain a special permit. But hopefully this town, like other towns, won’t have to issue permits of any kind, people will be able to walk around freely, no more gunshots.

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    Here, visitors can see firsthand the treasures, the Assyrian copper market exhibited in the National Museum, and many relics of the Unknown Soldiers who fell here.

  • Ziggurat of Ur Ur
  • The Ziggurat of Ur Ur is popularized by biblical stories of epic floods as well as stories of violent Babylonian kings. It also preserves the most beautiful ancient remains of the region. Ur is located in the desert of southern Iraq, with the design and construction of high walls and steep stairs used as a ritual for the moon god of Akkad. With attractive and extremely strange attractions, it always attracts tourists when they come to Iraq.

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  • City of Erbil
  • Erbil Citadel is over 7000 years old, with a heroic history dating back to the times of Cadiz and Byblos. Erbil Citadel is majestically located in the center of the city with outstanding architecture setting accents, which is why Erbil has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

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    Visitors to Erbil Citadel can visit the Erbil Civilization Museum and the Kurdish Textile Center for a source of history and culture in the region.

  • Explore Basra
  • Surely we all know the name of Basra, because there were many fierce attacks during the war in Iraq. Let’s not worry about anything, coming here, visitors can explore and discover many famous places. Basra is surrounded by palm groves and a city in the middle of the Shatt al-Arab river covered by the sunny al-Basra ledge, here we can walk along the river to enjoy the cool air from the steam rises.

  • The city of Karbala
  • Every year, the city of Karbala is visited by around 30 million pilgrims, which is a spiritual site for Shia Muslims. Here is the Imam Husayn Temple, which is the burial place of the martyr Husayn ibn Ali who died in the Battle of Karbala in 680 AD.

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    This place is also considered by the Archangel Gabriel as the most sacred place on the planet. For this reason, every year at the Imam Husayn temple, millions of devotees come to Ashura of Atonement.

  • Experience in Hatra
  • In the deserts of western Iraq are the soaring columns, here we admire the unique and richly decorated temples of Hatra. This is why scientists have chosen to be the archaeological site of the country. We see first-hand the beautiful and magnificent works of the Parthian period which have been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

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    Although the area has recently been ravaged by war, it is still visible how unspoilt Hatra still is.

  • Explore Dur-Kurozu
  • Ancient ruins dating back to over 3500 BC are abandoned by Dur-Kurozu. Dur-Kurozu is once known as the cultural and political center and the cradle of civilization in southern Mesopotamia. Dur-Kurozu is bordered by the Euphrates and Tigris rivers, it is the site where the ancient Kassite kings built the Ziggurat in the 14th century.Traces can be seen through the stelae or brick walls on the surface s rise to the height of the arrow in the desert. This was marked by caravans en route to Baghdad.

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  • City of Sulaymaniyah
  • The city of Sulaymaniyah is considered one of the most peaceful and comfortable cities in Iraq and is chosen by foreign governments as a place of work when visiting Iraq. Sulaymaniyah is located in the steep mountains of northern Iraq, where it has a relatively cooler climate compared to other cities in the region. Sulaymaniyah had a famous artistic culture.

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    Here, visitors can taste the famous local delicacies, in which we cannot ignore the delicious flavored kofta. If you are a person who likes to explore and conquer adventurous places, you cannot miss exploring the oasis towns and valleys of the Goya and Alzheimer’s ranges.

  • Tham than in Babylon
  • When it comes to Babylon, people mistakenly think of ancient empires. The hanging garden and the typical battles of the kings of the Alexandrian and Persian eras. The changing face of Babylon through restoration and preservation has a different view of this place. We went to visit some of the massive castles inside and the ruins of Homer.

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    When exploring Babylon, visitors think we are following in the footsteps of great emperors. Admire the antiques with broken lion statues.

  • Explore Ctesiphon
  • Ctesiphon in the 4th century BC is considered a small Persian colony located on the banks of the Tigris. By the 1st century AD, Ctesiphon had grown and become the capital of Parthia. This is what represents the prosperous development of Ctesiphon and became the most modern cities in the region in the 7th century. And chosen to build the Arch of Ctesiphon with another name, Taq Kasra, was designed with a Sasanian dome. It is one of the largest designed domes in the world selected as an indispensable archaeological site in the region.

    Above are the famous Iraqi tourist destinations that Al Kaabi would like to introduce to us, hope the above suggestions will help visitors to have a trip to Republic of Iraq with lots of meaningful things in its discovery.