Some useful Yemeni travel information that visitors should know

The country of Yemen, whose full name is the Republic of Yemen, is a country located in Western Asia, located in the south of the Arabian Peninsula. The Republic of Yemen has many architectural works built long ago and has a long history of national cultural beauty. But the land of Yemen is still strange for everyone, let’s go with Vietsense travel to know more about the country of Yemen in the Middle East.

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Yemen is a mainly mountainous and desert country, Yemen is located at the end of the Arabian Peninsula. Although this country is poor in mineral resources, it is rich and diverse in terms of culture, history and scenic natural landscapes. The majority of the country’s population in the Arabian Peninsula is Arab and Muslim. However, due to the character of the country, as well as the tradition of independence and culture, Yemen is somewhat different from neighboring countries.

The country of Yemen is divided into different regions: coastal plains, mountains and desert areas. The Western Coastal Plain climate is warm and hot, so people’s skin here is a bit dark. In particular, the houses here have thatched roofs like in Vietnam in the past.

The area behind the plain is surrounded by mountains and plateaus, where the Yemeni tribes live. These tribes live along the border of Saudi Arabia to the north and the Gulf of Aden to the south. The capital Sanaa is located on a very small plain between these mountains.

The capital Sanaa is located more than 2,400 m above sea level, Sanaa is known as the largest city in the country of Yemen in Western Asia. On the other hand, it is the oldest inhabited city in the world.

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It is the long historical origin of the city that has been recognized by UNESCO as a city of world cultural heritage, in which the buildings of the city are designed in a particular architectural style, with patterns created similar to the geometric shapes that make stand out the walls, become an extremely impressive highlight.

Similar to other Muslim countries, the country of Yemen is a country for men. The women of this country always spend time together, so most often they speak a language that international guests cannot understand. With a unique custom, women only allow men close to them to see their faces, they don’t have to go to work, and they don’t have to drive. Most women in this country dress very discreetly unlike other territories, they often wear black from head to toe, leaving only part of their eyes open when moving around in public or in contact with others.

Although Yemen still has many hotspot conflicts, there are many beautiful places waiting for us, such as: the capital of Sanaa, the stone palace of Dar Al Hajar, the Al Saleh mosque, the Socotra islands and the Bab gate. al-Yemen…

It is also true to say that the country of Yemen in the Middle East region is little known. If we are people who like to explore and learn more about the cultural beauty of parts of the world, we must not ignore the country of Yemen. Here we can also admire the long-standing architecture or the cultural beauty of the indigenous people. The information that Al Kaabi shared in the hope that we understand more about the country of Yemen, to prepare for the trip to come here to explore.

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