Rare travel experience in Lebanon from the actual trip

Lebanon is a little-known tourist destination, but it is one of the most beautiful and attractive oases in the region. Lebanon is known for its famous places that captivate people or its cultural beauty as well as its famous local cuisine. Let Vietsense travel take a look at some Lebanese tourist destinations to explore.

Nami Island - Fall in love with the beauty of paradise Nami Island – Fall in love with the beauty of paradise

Lebanon, whose full name is the Republic of Lebanon, is a country with the second smallest area in the Middle East and the smallest area in Asia, but is endowed with nature with poetic landscapes and beautiful landscapes .Beautiful surrounded beach. Lebanon is bordered by the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea, to the east by Syria and Africa, to the north and east by Syria and to the south by Israel. The country of Lebanon has a predominantly Christian population and is considered the largest Christian country in the Middle East. Despite many ups and downs in history, this place still retains its unique beauty and tourist attractions that attract a large number of tourists to visit every year.

With which countries does Lebanon border?

Explore the capital Beirut

The capital of Beirut is known for its wonderful atmosphere which attracts many tourists to visit. We can visit the city on foot and spend a lot of time choosing check-in locations to save us meaningful photos. Even if we stumble upon an Ottoman mansion showing signs of decay, surrounded by bougainvillea, we can catch the couple next door at happy hour, they’ll actively want to tell us about their nachos, or even a taxi driver with a beard very impressive humming Arabic songs with an extremely whimsical atmosphere.

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History buffs should visit the National Museum of Beirut and the Cipher Museum of St. George to learn more about life in ancient Berytus, at the heart of Roman legal thought. . Driving along the Hamra district, one can visit a few second-hand bookstores and Arabic-style cafes, then enter the campus of the American University of Beirut with green trees being planted. Let’s admire adorable cats with unique architecture mixed with many eye-catching colors.

Admire the Bekaa Valley.

The Bekaa Valley is known for the cradles of ancient Rome. Coming here, visitors will be overwhelmed with famous ancient sites. The remains of the world-class site of Baalbek cannot be missed on a trip to Lebanon. One can admire the unique architecture of the temple of Bacchus at the imposing height built 200 years ago after JC, this place is considered a vestige of the Roman era with columns nearly 20m high.

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After hours of exploring the ruins, we can stop at a few wineries to taste delicious wines located on the highway back to Beirut.

Visit North Lebanon

From Tripoli, it takes less than two hours to get to Beirut, which is considered the second most populated city. Coming to Tripoli, visitors can visit historical sites and learn more about the cultural beauty here. Upon their arrival in the Lebanese zone, Tripolitans are greeted with enthusiasm.

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But this country is endowed with majestic natural paintings. We begin to explore the ongoing Oscar Niemeyer International Fair. With a forgotten monument built in the middle of the 20th century with a unique architecture. Next for the voyage of discovery is the medieval town which is still as crowded and bustling as ever. Or explore the ancient citadel of Raymond de Saint-Gilles during the Tripoli years. Will help us enjoy a wonderful time in the Christian port city of Al Mina.

Tourism in southern Lebanon

There are no words to describe the beautiful image of the charming Lebanese coast to the south. With blue water stretching to golden sand beaches with beautiful sea turtles. You can suddenly see turtles “riding” on waist high waves.

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These include beautiful beaches like Tire Beach, located less than a two-hour drive south of the city. Located in southern Lebanon, the famous ruins of Tire remain. Including the Roman hippodrome system with the largest area and intact architecture and original design. The racecourse area is located within the Al Bass compound. Along with this there is a restored arch with unique architecture and a legit ghostly Roman cemetery.

Explore Byblos

Byblos is less than an hour’s drive from the capital, Beirut. This place is known for its attractions that tourists cannot miss. If we are interested in exploring and learning more about the history and archeology of Lebanon, this is not to be missed. The city of Byblos has the oldest historical roots of any Phoenician city, with many suggesting that the city of Byblos was built in 5000 BC.

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Among them, the National Museum of Obelisks was built over 3000 years ago. Coming here, we cannot miss visiting the Crusader Fortress and Sultan Abdul Majid Mosque, where many fascinating stories are kept.

Visit Kobaya

Lebanon is endowed with beautiful beaches surrounded by nature. Most of the northern part of Lebanon is also known as Akkar. One of the things that keeps visitors coming here is the mild weather. In the city of Kobayashi is the largest green space in Lebanon. Along with this there is an old town and religious spiritual tourist areas with churches and monasteries.

Some outdoor activities, the city of Kobayashi being the starting point of the trail along the mountains of Lebanon. It is the longest trail in the country. Connections with the extreme north and south points. If we get to Kobaya in time for the festival, we can witness the Kobaya Summer Festival, one of the most anticipated special music festivals with performances attracting thousands of spectators. And we can visit some traditional villages nearby.

Explore Laqtoq

Laqtoq is a city with a cool and cool climate, especially the climate here is the most beautiful in winter and summer. Depending on the season and temperature, people can turn ski resorts into weekend resorts. From here we can easily visit the Baatara Gorge waterfall or explore the Afqa cave and discover the village of Annaya. The village of Annaya is known for its Christian ruins and its churches. We cannot ignore this place when traveling in Lebanon.

Visit the town of Bcharri

The city of Bcharri is a name derived from the Phoenician house of Ishtar. This is why people elected Bcharri as the most wonderful city in Lebanon. These visitors may have no reason not to visit. In the city where the Gibran Khalil Gibran museum exhibits national treasures with manuscripts, objects and furniture brought back from the author’s house.

Traveling to Lebanon is certainly still a strange thing for us. But it has the most beautiful whimsical oases in the region or famous landmarks that captivate people. However, before exploring a certain country or tourist destination, we must learn about that place in order to prepare and have the most favorable trip. So let Vietsense travel share with us some notes during your trip to Lebanon.

What to do and what not to do while traveling in Lebanon

A few notes everyone should know when traveling to Lebanon

Do not be afraid

Many people mistakenly believe that when we go to Lebanon we will meet ISIS militants, but we don’t meet them easily. According to updated information, the terrorist group IS is basically under control, not what it used to be. The Lebanese are very friendly and always welcome tourists. The country is known for its beautiful monuments and long history. Let’s be sure to come here to visit and enjoy the vacation.

Don’t be surprised by the hospitality of the Lebanese people

When we travel to Lebanon we shouldn’t be surprised to be greeted with warm hugs and kisses on the cheek, it’s completely normal, we don’t have to be afraid. If the locals know you’re a tourist, they care and want to share everything around them with us. We shouldn’t turn down offers from people here. We feel free to discuss and talk with them to create a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Choose the right outfit

We should know that the country of Lebanon is a conservative Arab country. Both men and women are always attentive and attentive to the choice of their clothes. Most women choose black outfits, wrapped from head to toe, showing only part of their eyes. Another peculiarity, foreign tourists are not allowed to tease or have sex with local women. If found, they can be immediately imprisoned or expelled from Lebanon. So we have to pay attention to clothing, as well as how to communicate with people here. We must not wear short sleeves or shorts and we must be careful to cover our heads and faces when we go out.

Don’t just visit Beirut

Lebanon is known for many famous sites, so we can visit many places other than the capital Beirut such as: Bekaa Valley, North Lebanon, South Lebanon, Kobaya, Laqtoq city… To learn, to experience Discover many interesting things.

Must agree on price when using taxi service

Many tourists in Lebanon think about the price when using the taxi service. If we don’t agree on a price with the taxi driver at the end of the trip, we will have to pay a rather high price. Therefore, to avoid being slashed on the price of taxi services, we must negotiate the price before using the taxi service.

Famous dishes not to be missed

Like other countries, Lebanon is famous for street food that we cannot ignore, such as Lebanese tabbouleh salad, Lebanese chicken, Falafel… You can go anywhere around the corner from a street to taste these wonderful dishes.

The notes during a trip to Lebanon that Al Kaabi shared above, hope to help us have a happy and safe trip, to keep memories after the discovery trip to Lebanon.

Above are some Lebanese tourist destinations that Al Kaabi would like to share with visitors, hope the above locations will help us plan a trip to Lebanon with a lot of sense. Let’s plan with Vietsense travel!