Rare Resort Experience in Lebanon from a Real Trip

Lebanon is a tourist destination that few people know about, but this place is one of the most beautiful and attractive oases in the region. Lebanon is known for its famous and captivating places, cultural beauty and famous local cuisine. Join Vietsense travel to take a look at some Lebanese tourist destinations to explore.

Lebanon, whose full name is the Republic of Lebanon, is a country with the second smallest area in the Middle East and the smallest area in Asia, but it is endowed by nature with poetic landscapes and magnificent landscapes. Beautiful beaches surround. Lebanon borders the eastern coast of the Mediterranean, to the east it borders Syria and Africa, to the north and east it borders Syria, and to the south it borders Israel. Lebanon is predominantly Christian and is considered the largest Christian country in the Middle East. Despite many ups and downs of history, this place still maintains its unique beauty and tourist attractions that attract a large number of tourists to visit every year.

Which countries does Lebanon border with?

Explore the capital Beirut

The capital Beirut is known for its wonderful atmosphere which attracts a large number of tourists to visit. We can tour the city on foot and spend a lot of time choosing check-in locations to take meaningful photos. Whether we come across an Ottoman-era villa showing signs of dilapidation, surrounded by bougainvillea, we may come across the couple next door at happy hour who will actively want to talk to us about their nachos or a Taxi driver with impressive beard humming. Arabic songs with a very magical atmosphere.

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Visitors interested in history should visit the Beirut National Museum and the St. George Cryptography Museum to learn about life in ancient Beryta, the heart of Roman legal thought. Walking around the Hamra neighborhood, we can visit some second-hand bookstores and some cafes with Arabic flavors, then visit the campus of the American University of Beirut with the green trees we plant. Let’s admire the adorable cats with unique architecture mixed with many eye-catching colors.

Admire the Bekaa Valley

The Bekaa Valley is known for the birthplaces of ancient Rome. Coming here, visitors will be overwhelmed with famous ancient sites. The remaining remains of the world-class Baalbek site are not to be missed during a trip to Lebanon. We can admire the unique architecture of the Temple of Bacchus with its imposing height, built 200 years ago AD. This place is considered a remnant of the Roman period with columns almost 20 m high.

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After hours exploring the ruins, we can stop at wineries to taste delicious wines on the highway back to Beirut.

Visit northern Lebanon

From Tripoli, it takes less than two hours to get to Beirut, which is statistically the second most populous city. Coming to Tripoli, visitors can visit historical places and experience the cultural beauty here. As soon as they arrived in the Lebanese zone, the Tripolitans were welcomed with enthusiasm.

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But this country is blessed with majestic natural paintings surrounding it. We begin to explore the Oscar Niemeyer International Fair that is taking place. With a forgotten monument built in the mid-20th century with unique architecture. The next stop on the journey of discovery is the medieval quarter, still as populated and lively as ever. Or explore the ancient citadel of Raymond de Saint-Gilles during the Tripoli era. Will help us enjoy a wonderful time in the Christian port city of Al Mina.

Visit southern Lebanon

There are no words to describe the magnificent picture of the charming Lebanese coast to the south. With blue waters stretching out onto golden sandy beaches and adorable sea turtles. We can suddenly spot turtles while “riding” on waist-deep waves.

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These include beautiful beaches like Tyre, located less than 2 hours’ drive south of the city. In the south of Lebanon are the famous ruins of Tyre. Including the Roman hippodrome system, which has the largest area and retains its original architecture and design intact. The racecourse area is located within the Al Bass Complex area. Added to this is a restored arch with unique architecture and a legitimately spooky Roman cemetery complex.

Explore Byblos

Byblos is less than an hour’s drive from the capital Beirut. This place is known for its attractive places that tourists cannot miss. If we like to explore and explore the history and archeology of Lebanon, we cannot miss it. The city of Byblos has the oldest historical roots of all Phoenician cities; many believe that the city of Byblos was built in 5000 BC.

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Among them is the National Obelisk Museum, built more than 3,000 years ago. Coming here, we cannot help but visit the Crusader Fortress and Sultan Abdul Majid Mosque which preserve many fascinating stories.

Visit Kobaya

Lebanon is blessed with nature and surrounded by beautiful beaches. Most of northern Lebanon is also called Akkar. One of the things that attracts tourists to come here is the mild climate. In the town of Kobayashi there is the largest green space in Lebanon. Added to this are an ancient city and spiritual and religious tourist areas with churches and monasteries.

Some outdoor activities, town of Kobayashi, starting point of the trail along Lebanon Mountain. It is the longest trail in the country. Linked to the north and south ends. If we come to Kobaya during the festival, we can attend the Kobaya Summer Festival, one of the unique music festivals worth waiting for with shows that attract thousands of spectators. And we can visit some traditional villages nearby.

Explore Laqtoq

Laqtoq is a city with a cool and cool climate, especially the climate here is the most beautiful in winter and summer. Depending on the season and weather temperature, ski resorts can become weekend resorts. From here we can easily visit the Baatara Gorge waterfall or explore the Afqa Cave and discover the village of Annaya. The village of Annaya is known for its Christian monuments and churches. We can’t miss this place when traveling to Lebanon.

Visit the town of Bcharri

The city of Bcharri is a name derived from the Phoenician house of Ishtar. It is for this reason that people voted Bcharri the most beautiful city in Lebanon. This gives visitors no reason not to visit. In the city where the items of the Gibran Khalil Gibran Museum are exhibited, there are national treasures with manuscripts, objects and exhibits of furniture brought from the author’s house.

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It is certain that traveling to Lebanon remains a strange thing for us. But this place has the most beautiful magical oases in the region or famous monuments that fascinate people. However, before exploring any country or tourist destination, we must learn clearly about that place to be prepared and have the most convenient trip. So let Vietsense travel share with us some notes during your trip to Lebanon.

What to do and what not to do when traveling to Lebanon

Some things everyone should know when traveling to Lebanon

Do not be afraid

Many people mistakenly think that when traveling to Lebanon we will encounter ISIS rebels, but that we will not encounter them easily. According to updated information, the IS terrorist group is, on the whole, no longer controlled as before. The Lebanese people are very friendly and always welcome visiting tourists. This country is known for its magnificent famous monuments and has a long history. Let us rest assured that we can visit here and enjoy our vacation.

Don’t be surprised by the hospitality of the Lebanese people

When you travel to Lebanon, don’t be surprised to be greeted with warm hugs and kisses on the cheeks, this is completely normal, there is no need to be afraid. If local people know you are a tourist, they are interested and want to share everything around them with us. We shouldn’t refuse offers from people here. Let’s exchange and discuss freely with them to create a joyful and friendly atmosphere.

Choose Appropriate Clothing

You should know that the country of Lebanon is a conservative Arab country. Men and women are always careful and careful when choosing their clothes. Women mostly choose black outfits, wrapped from head to toe, leaving only part of their eyes visible. Another peculiarity is that foreign tourists are not allowed to tease or have sex with local women. If discovered, they can be imprisoned or immediately expelled from Lebanon. Therefore, we need to be careful about how we dress and how we communicate with people here. We should not wear short-sleeved shirts or shorts and we should ensure that we cover our heads and faces when going out.

Don’t just visit the capital Beirut

Lebanon is known for many famous places, so we can visit many other places outside the capital Beirut such as: Bekaa Valley, North Lebanon, South Lebanon, Kobaya, Laqtoq city. .. To learn and experience Experience many interesting things.

Must agree on price when using taxi service

Many tourists in Lebanon complain about the prices when using taxi services. If we don’t agree on a price with the taxi driver at the end of the trip, we will have to pay a fairly high price. Therefore, to avoid being overcharged on taxi service prices, we must negotiate the price before using the taxi service.

Not to be missed, the famous dishes

Just like other countries, Lebanon is famous for its essential street foods like: Lebanese tabouli salad, Lebanese chicken, falafels… You can go anywhere on a street corner where you can enjoy these wonderful dishes.

We hope the Lebanon travel notes that Vietsense travel shared above will help us have a fun and safe trip and save memories after the Lebanon discovery trip.

Above are some tourist attractions of Lebanon that Vietsense travel wants to share with tourists. We hope the above places will help us plan a meaningful trip to Lebanon. Let’s make an appointment with Vietsense travel!