Dubai travel review unique and interesting experiences

Dubai is known as the “land of gold” with its splendor and lavish beauty. This place attracts millions of tourists with interesting things that you will not find in any other country. The following article will suggest you the best places to have fun and eat in Dubai for the most comprehensive trip.

Dubai is a country located in the Middle East and belongs to the same 7 emirates of the United Arab Emirates. While traveling to Dubai, visitors will admire unique and awe-inspiring moments. The majority of religions in Dubai are Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism,…

Where is Dubai in which country?

The main languages ​​of this country are Arabic and English. In Dubai, alcohol is a regulated item and very few stores sell this item. The currency used is the Dirham, convert 1 Dirham = 0.27 USD.

Dubai is not only famous for its skyscrapers but also impressive for its vast safari deserts. During the trip to explore the desert, you can participate in interesting activities such as riding a camel to watch the sunset, racing or trying to sit on specialized electric vehicles, …

Dubai Desert Safari Experience

In particular, you can also choose to sleep in tents or take night tours in the vast desert for interesting and unique experiences during your trip to Dubai.

Dubai Miracle is known as the largest flower garden in the world. The garden has an area of ​​approximately 72,000 m2 with more than 45 million different flowers blooming every day. Visitors to Dubai Miracle seem lost in a fairytale world full of shimmers and shines.

Visit the Miracle of Dubai

One thing that makes Dubai Miracle attract millions of tourists every year is its location in the arid but lush desert that is always full of life.

– Spice Souk Market: is one of the most famous markets in Dubai and is widely known in other countries around the world. The market is known as a spice paradise with a variety of items and products. Visitors to the Spice Souk market have the opportunity to admire the vibrant colors and experience the culinary characteristics of this awe-inspiring land.

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Explore the unique gold and spice market

– Gold Souk Market: famous for its stalls selling gold in large quantities. The types of gold or jewelry in the market are impressively displayed from design to size. With over 300 stalls selling gold, the Gold Souk market is known as the most famous gold market in the world. However, the gold price here is not too expensive but also 20% lower than the market. Before purchasing an item, you should consult the price to avoid the difference.

Dubai Mall: This place is known as the largest mall in the world and also becomes a shopping destination chosen by many tourists when they come to Dubai. The center is a gathering area of ​​more than 1200 kiosks of various brands, from affordable to high-end.

Buy branded goods at Dubai Mall

Additionally, the shopping experience at Dubai Mall will help visitors find a variety of products ranging from fashion to electronics.

The Burj Khalifa tower is the tallest structure in the world, consisting of 164 floors and is designed with 164 floors to be extremely modern and luxurious. Inside the building there are many modern and elegant spaces such as hotels, offices, comfortable apartments,…

Check-in Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the pride of the people of Dubai when it comes to this impressive architecture.

Burj Al Arab is the most 7 star hotel in the world that only Dubai has. The impressively styled hotel, metro system and top-notch public services have made this place the desired vacation spot for millions of tourists.

Visit the Burj Al Arab Hotel

Palm Island is one of Dubai’s masterpieces that you absolutely must visit. The group of islands is designed like a spreading palm leaf with 16 branches. Palm Island also has more than 100 luxury hotels, which is a great place to rest during your trip to Dubai.

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Explore the largest palm island on the planet

Around Co Island, there are also many attractive fun and entertainment areas, promising to provide visitors with awe-inspiring experiences.

If you are a lover of peace, the old town of AI Bastakiya is an ideal destination for tourists. The street offers a space of nostalgia. Visiting here you will stroll through the ancient streets, the roadside cafes or souvenir shops all remind visitors of the good old days.

It is quite a unique dish in Dubai. The dish is painstakingly prepared, requiring many different steps. Initially, people will sit a fish with a chicken belly, then continue to stuff it into a sheep’s belly, and finally stuff it into a camel’s belly. Once the stuffing is done, they will be marinated with spices and grilled until the outer layer of meat is crispy and delicious.

Referring to the specialties of Dubai, we must mention the gold-plated ice cream. This is also known as the world’s most expensive ice cream sold in Dubai. An attractive golden ice cream requires precious ingredients such as Italian truffles, vanilla from Madagascar, saffron and an outer layer of 23 carat gold. While eating, visitors will feel the delicious taste and uniqueness of the golden coating on the outside. The price of a gold-plated glass of ice cream will be around 817 USD, which is equivalent to around 17 million VND.

Eat gold-plated ice cream

Dates are a very popular fruit in Dubai. The dish is considered a famous specialty only in this country. Although just a simple snack, dates contain many high nutritional values ​​that you should definitely enjoy when coming to Dubai. Visitors can buy dates in traditional markets or in fruit shops.

Tasting dates

Interesting and unique experiences only in Dubai travel itinerary have been shared by VietSense Travel with the readers of the above article. I hope readers will record useful experiences on their future travels. I wish you a relaxing and enjoyable journey of discovery.